DRESS FASHION has good business interaction with manufacturers .So it is quite flexible and confident to do any kind of garments. It can handle any kind of quantity easily. Most of the factories DRESS FASHION works with are approved from renowned customers. DRESS FASHION''s goal is to serve its customers professionally, with the integration of marketing and merchandising
expertise along with technical support to build such a comfort level with customers, which would make them feel that they are in the right place to get the true competitive merchandize with outstanding quality as long as the prices are reasonable.

Fabric Source

As a primary check to ensure quality, DRESS FASHION guides suppliers as to proper source of fabric and identify industries which can deliver in time, good quality fabric of desired weight, construction and color etc.

Identify Supplier

Every factory DRESS FASHION deals with is evaluated at two levels:
ˇ To assess capacity and capability.
ˇ To check environmental control and adherence to Labor Laws.

DRESS FASHION arranges sampling from appropriate suppliers as per buyers designs, sketches etc.Samples against orders and Promotional samples sent by suppliers are free of charge. However, sometimes samples which requires exact details for which DRESS FASHION pays the supplier for the cost of development.
DRESS FASHION scrutinizes prices quoted by the supplier and with its own experience of the cost structure in the country, obtain the most realistic prices from them. Once a price is set the company adds a certain percentage of mark up on the cost to offer a price to the customers. This mark up ranges from 3%-10% on the total cost per unit.
Quality Control

Once an order has been placed with a supplier, DRESS FASHION takes the Following steps to see that only correct merchandise is shipped:

ˇ DRESS FASHION draws samples of fabric to be used and check its quality, weight, shrinkage, color fastness, etc. For these test to be conducted, we have just started our in house laboratory with necessary workforce and Technologies. It calls for lab dips and obtain buyers' approval of shades before bulk fabric is dyed.

ˇ Before any production starts, DRESS FASHION obtains approved sample and check it minutely in all respects such as size specification, workmanship, Cleanliness and proper fit of the garment.

ˇ DRESS FASHION also suggests from time to time, possible improvements in production process to improve workmanship and get perfect merchandise.

ˇ DRESS FASHION's quality controllers visit factories at regular intervals, making surprise checks, to see that only the correct quality is produced and reject sub-standard and defective pieces in the production pipeline itself.

ˇ When the consignment is ready, DRESS FASHION carries out systematic inspection as suggested by its buyers. If the merchandise is found satisfactory, DRESS FASHION issues a certificate of inspection.

Order execution and Quality Control : Orders are closely monitored from sampling to shipment. Status on sampling, production and shipment are transmitted to buyers regularly. We maintain a pro-active approach towards identification of problem areas and corrective measures are taken immediately to ensure timely deliveries. Our quality monitoring system pertaining to production has four stages as explained below :


Pre Production Check :



Risks are reduced by checking material components, accessories / user manuals etc. at this stage itself.


Initial Production Check :



First finished products are checked against buyer's specification and prototype sample. Deviations are identified and brought out for correction.


During Production Check :



Inspection during production is carried out to check and verify that the initial discrepancies have been rectified and to ensure the average quality standard of production runs.


Final Random Inspection :



Final random inspection is carried out when the total consignment is packed and ready for shipment. FRI is performed according to the International Inspection Standards. The detailed physical inspection of the samples selected at random is based on specifications of the buyers and it cover the criteria such as design / style, shrinkage, accessories, appearance, markings, color, labeling, material, assortments, workmanship, measurements, packing etc.


Status Reporting :   The consignment is allowed for shipment if only it is up to the buyers required standard.

Laboratory Testing :  Laboratories are an extremely valuable component of our services and also facilitate the manufacturer - exporters to transact their business with least quality risk. Laboratory services include :


Fabric :



Construction particulars (counts, constructions and weight), Strength, Measurement and Seam performance.


Analysis :



Flammability, Dimensional Stability (Shrinkage) to washing / dry cleaning, Appearance after washing /dry cleaning, Fibber analysis etc.


Color Fastness :



Color fastness to washing, Perspiration, Light, Rubbing, Bleaching, Dry cleaning, Organic Solvents, Hot pressing etc. Dyes & Pigment tests are also carried out.


Garment :



Dimensional Stability to washing / dry cleaning, Appearance after washing / dry cleaning is tested.




For Knit Product :



Of 45-60 days from the date of order confirmation. However, it all depends on quality, number of color, approval of lab-dip; space available in the factory etc. lead time can be optimized for repeat order to 30 days.


For Woven Product :



If Local fabric than lead time will be 60 days and if Import fabric than lead time will be 120days to 90 days.


For Sweater Product :



If Local fabric than lead time will be 60 days or 90 days and if Import fabric than lead time will be 120days to 90 days.





Follow Up
DRESS FASHION follows up each order in precise details from fabric to garment and to shipment. At each stage, progress is intimated to buyer and merchandising department keeps the buyers representative informed of the actual status of the orders throughout.
Shipping/Cargo Handling
Shipping documents are checked to verify their conformity to buyers instructions and sent well in advance to the buyer. As a policy, DRESS FASHION insists that all of Its cargo must be handled only by a reputed Forwarder, so that, DRESS FASHION gets correct information well in time about exact vessel sailing details, ETD / ETA of vessels and may also try for priority in booking and loading wherever possible. In suitable circumstances, DRESS FASHION may arrange grouping of cargo arriving from different suppliers. This system enables the buyer to import several consignments as one lot and reduces the import cost on freight, clearing, forwarding and cargo handling. DRESS FASHION can assists if required in negotiating and obtain special freight rates on the basis of regular turnover. This too results in reducing buyer's cost of import.
Post Shipment Services
To avoid demurrage at destination, DRESS FASHION collects copies of shipping documents such as B/L, AWB, Invoice, Packing list, original G.S.P., Certificate of Origin, Export Certificate etc. from all suppliersimmediately after shipment and forward it to respective buyers. Should there still arise any misunderstanding or dissatisfaction in respect of any order, DRESS FASHION actively help in finding a mutually acceptable solution to the problem.
Other Services

ˇ DRESS FASHION also keep buyers informed of upcoming market trends,new developments in the industry, changes in Govt. policy and regulations etc. asfar as possible.

ˇ Inform buyers about new fabrics, designs and fashion trends within the Organizational knowledge.

ˇ Receiving buyers visiting Dhaka, arranging hotel bookings on their behalf,planning their meetings with appropriate suppliers and try to provide all reasonable assistance that a buyer may need in a foreign land to make his/her visit comfortable and useful.

Business Communication: From a customer's point of view, DRESS FASHION makes sure that no mails are ignored, since the emails are the major mode of communication. We have got telephones that can call/receive local and overseas calls,24 hours broadband internet connectivity, inter Lan connectivity, Cell phones in urgent issues.Our service is based on communication so we make sure that we prioritize on constant communication both with the customers and the suppliers.

Coordination: DRESS FASHION provides their clients with a single-point communication and co-ordination solution, for costing, ordering or sampling status, lab testing and other documentation. DRESS FASHION at Partners Agency, checks all shipping documents and consolidations. The tracking systems help DRESS FASHION in ensuring timely and safe delivery. DRESS FASHION has also a continuous factory assessment program which enables an accurate match between buyers' needs & factory space booked by us. We also ensure that your orders are handled by reliable & financially stable factories which have a "Total Quality Orientation". Generally DRESS FASHION does regular fresh orders. One of its primary responsibility as a buying house is to assure that the products purchased and released for shipment conforms with buyer/importer's requirement as per their instruction and we do that in a genuine manner. Shipping documents are checked to verify this conformity & sent well in advance to the buyers/importers along with our inspection certificate. A typical proforma invoice DRESS FASHION sends to its buyer includes:

o Payments of L/C: Usually "At sight" as per negotiating bank's instruction.

o Type of Documentary Credit: Irrevocable and transferable.

o Trans Shipment: Allowed o Partial Shipment: Allowed

o B/L Clause: Full set clean on board original bill of landing issued into the order of negotiating bank and endorsed by the same bank in favour of L/C opening bank.

o Presentation of Documents: 21 days from the date of bill of landing.

o ICC Publications No: L/C must be subject to latest ICC publication.

Logistic Support
We have got a team of experience people in our company, who are working with us from the beginning. Our Merchandising team follows the Critical path system for the order follow ups. From the development stage to the exporting of the goods we keep track on every little details to make sure goods are shipped on time. Our quality department always keeps the liaison with the merchandisers for smooth production of the goods. In this way we are confident that, we can fulfill all your requirements regarding any garments order.

We​ Make​ T-Shirt,​ Pique​ Polo,​ 2X2​ Rib,​ 1X1​ Rib​ Long​ Sleeve,​ Short​ Sleeve,​ Raglan​ etc​ by 100%​ Combed​ Cotton,​ Carded​ Cotton​ Knit​ yarn:​Single​ Jersey,​ double​ Jersey,​ Interlock,​ Lycra,​ 95%Cotton 5%Spandex/Lycra/Elastan, Pique​Fabrics.

Fabrics: single jersey, interlock, rib, pique, Lacoust  (single, double, honeycomb), cotton/polyester/blends, performance
stone, enzyme, silicon, overdying
peaching, mercersing, performance treatments
prints, embroidery, appliqués, cut & sew 
Tees / Tops 
Fabrics: single jersey, interlock, waffle, rib, cotton and blends
140 – 210 (jersey), 180-280 (rib & interlock, 180-220 (pique)
tees, vests, tanks, spaghetti, racer backs, long/short/sleeveless
prints, embroidery, appliqués, washed 

Fabrics: cotton, acrylic, wool, all blends, cashmere, jacquards, intarsia, fancy yarns (eg slab, lurex, angora, pre twisting)
from 1.5gg up to 14gg
pullovers, cardigans, vests, dresses, hoodies, ponchos, scarves, jackets
embroidery, prints, washes 

Fabrics: polar, three thread, french terry, cvc fleece, cvc terry, polyester, cotton & blends
jackets, hoodies, round necks, pants, shorts, skirts, jogging suits, gilets
prints, embroidery, appliqués, patches, badges/patches 

Fabrics: twill, canvas, nylon, polyester, microfibre, cprd, flannel
teflon, soil repellent, anti microbial, rain proof, bonded, anti static, water resistant
casual, mountain, ski, parka, trench, sports, gilets
hoods, special cuffs/hems, strings etc. 

Knitted Products :

T-Shirt, Polo Shirt, Tank Top, Rugby Polo Shirt, Sweat Shirt, Shorts, Long Pant, Cut and sewn T-shirt, Y/D T & Polo Shirt any kinds of Lycra Tops, Dress, Fashion wear, Night wear, including Uniforms,  Jogging suit, Track suit, Pajama sets  and all shorts of knitted fancy garments etc.


Knitted Fabric :

100% Cotton or 100% Polyester or CVC 80/20, or 60/40, S/J- 130gsm to 240gsm, Rib 1x1, 2x1, 2x2 ,5x1 in 180 to 260gsm, Interlock 180-260g, Pique 160-260, Polar & Micro Fleece 150-380g, Terry fleece, Pointed, Sweated S/J, Variegated S/J, Pique, Rib, Lycra S/J, Rib 160-320gsm, 100% Viscose and Viscose/lycra ,Organic Cotton & Bamboo Cotton, drop-needle, mesh etc with Local & Imported Fabrics.


Woven Products :

Denim, Twill, TC Twill, CVC Pants, Cargo Shorts, Shirt, Pull over, Vest,  Jackets, Denim Jacket, PVC Jacket, Skirt, Trousers, Shorts, Blouse, Tops, Sleeping-suit  Home textiles etc.


Woven Fabrics :

100% cotton, 98/2 Elastane, Cotton / Poly / Spandex, Denim 4.5-14.5 oz, Poplin, Canvas, Panama Canvas, Twill, TC Twill, CVC, Flannel, H/bone, Voile, Oxford, Solid Dyed, Yarn dyed Check, Stripe, etc... Local & Imported Fabrics.


Sweater Products :

All  kinds of Flat knit Sweaters & Pullover from 1.5 gauge up to 12 gauge - in 100% acrylic, acrylic smiling, bright acrylic, acrylic wool mix, Cashmere like, Lamb’s wool, 100% polyester, Polyester nylon mix, Polyester cotton mix, Polyester chenille, - 100% Cotton, cotton/acrylic mix, 100% Wool or any kind of mixed yarns. We do arrange all the yarns locally. For some of the fancy mix yarns – we arrange from Taiwan/China through our own buying office. Doesn’t matter whether we use local or imported yarns still able to submit GSP Form A.


Special product for Baby :

Baby romper, Jumpsuit, Bodysuit, Sleeping suit, Crewneck T-shirt, Lap t-shirt, Singlet, Bloomer set, Tunic Top, Yoga pant, Legging pant, Baby boxer shorts, Beanies, Knot/Hat, Bibs, Leg arm, Burp cloth etc. soiled and different type of animal print, polka dot print and as per customer’s custom design are available .


Fabric :

100% Cotton Interlock, Single Jersey, Cotton/Spandex, Rib, Organic Cotton Interlock / Single Jersey, Bamboo Cotton Etc.


Minimum Qty Order / Style :

3000pcs per style for Knit & 5000pcs for Woven and sweater item.


Finishes/Coating :

Stone wash, Peach wash, Sand wash, Prints, Plain dyed, RFD, tie dyed, and Weaves, amongst others. Quality Printing, embroidery, appliqué and hand application available as well based on your requirements. We import all kinds of coating fabrics for the outerwear from Korea and China.


Quality Control Department

"Everyone has his/her importance". Man/Woman no doubt may be the most flexible and most productive factor of production. So today, our management's first priority is to achieve desired goals with motivated workforce.

ˇ DRESS FASHION is to achieve business excellence through quality by understanding, accepting, meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

ˇ DRESS FASHION is follows International Standards on Quality

Management System

such as AQL 1.5 point, 2.5 or any inspection procedure as required for to ensure consistent quality of products and services to achieve customer satisfaction.

ˇ The management of DRESS FASHION is commits itself to quality as the prime consideration in all its business decisions.

ˇ All employees of DRESS FASHION must follow documented procedures to ensure compliance with quality standards. We strive to surpass the minimum quality requirements defined in the purchaser's contracts.However we ensure that all our buyers supplier manuals are read carefully,recorded and updated continuously and used whenever necessary.

Compliance & Human Rights Issues


No child Labour


No forced, Bonded or prison labour


No discrimination


No excessive working hours


Payment of minimum wages


Safe and healthy working conditions


A legally binding employment Contract


Workers Welfare participation freedom


Safe the Environment