ABOUT US Mission,Commitment,Vision & History

DRESS FASHION came into existence as an Apparel Buying house in a wide range of activities in knit, woven, sweater specially for men's, ladies, children's & infant's. It is a 100% export oriented buying house located in Narayanganj,Bangladesh and work with reputed factories which are located in narayangonj.We have well equipped offices with well trained and experienced staffs. DRESS FASHION constantly dedicates its efforts towards better and more efficient work services to the garment buyers.


ˇ To attain the vision DRESS FASHION has devoted its resources to Provide high quality products and services consistently which ensure value for money to its customers.
ˇ To create an image for quality of its products and services, productivity of its operations and innovative abilities of its employees.
ˇ To ensure superior return on investment through healthy and sustainable growth of the company. To contribute to the personal development and well being of our employees.
ˇ To encourage and support qualitative improvement of the services of our customers which in turn would result in mutual sales growth and profitability.


ˇ The best product development & sourcing.
ˇ On time production & timely deliveries
ˇ Quality assurance & Inspection.
ˇ Communication & Co-ordinations.
ˇ Shipment & Tracking.


ˇ DRESS FASHION vision is to play a leading role in improving the quality of readymade garments and well being of the customers through responsible application of knowledge and skills.
ˇ Our success will be built on our absolute dedication to the satisfaction of our customers, through operational efficiency, cost effectiveness and the talents of our people.
ˇ We shall be always applying high standards of integrity and responsibility in our activities.


The export demand of the RMG's produced in Bangladesh continues to be strong and despite the abolition of the quota system under MFA and its full integration into ATC(Agreement on Textile and Clothing) from January 1, 2007, the demand in major market has remained steady. We expect that the demand shall continue to be steady in the next few years also. The RMG industry in Bangladesh has matured significantly during the past two decade. Bangladesh continues to produce RMG's which meets the quality standard of major International buyers and the prices are also competitive compared to other exporting countries in the region. DRESS FASHION mainly deals with the export of the woven and knit items for ladies, Men's and kids.During the past 2 years DRESS FASHION has developed supplier contacts within the industry in Bangladesh as well as overseas buyers. This mainly focuses in EUROPE market.We have developed excellent contacts both in the industry and trading circles over the past decades. The samples for obtaining export orders are developed in the factories known to DRESS FASHION and once approved; the garments are produced in these units and exported. The factories we are working with are ISO certified, Oeko-Tex® certified and have successfully passed in different social audits of renowned customers like Wal- Mart,Target, Tesco, Pierre Ellis and other Social/Ethical base codes.